How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram ?

How to get more instagram followers- This is the common question that everyone asks who has an instagram account. There are several ways to grow your instagram account. Some of the ways requires money to be invested in it . But I would not recommend you to invest any money unless you have tons of money to spend or creating a business .

The money methods involves buying followers ( which I hate ) and instagram advertisements ( quite nice way to grow your account ). Also most of the time you will get bots followers which are of no use. You will eventually lose them within few months. Those bots followers will never like or comment on your posts. So , what is the use of buying followers.

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram ?

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram ?

There are several peoples that offers 1000 instagram followers in just $5 or so. Stay away from them . They will only provide you bot followers which will vanish in just a month or two. This could lead to instagram account banned. So stay away from them.

If you want to real followers on instagram then you need to spend some time ( infact a lot of time ) . if you are willing to spend atleast an hour daily then you can gain some real followers .

I am telling you some strategies to get real followers on instagram . These are basic strategies that everyone uses to grow their account. This might takes time but it will give you real instagram followers.

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram ?

You can follow these steps in order to get real followers on instagram. This will require some work and you need to spend some time daily on instagram.

Post Regularly –

It does not matter what type of instagram account do you have . You need to post on the regular basis so that your posts gets into your followers feed. If you post regularly then you can reach your potential followers. Just tell me, Why would anyone follows you if you does not provide any value. So , posting daily on instagram will definitely grow your instagram account.

Use Hashtags –

I would say use proper Hashtags. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post but you should think about it. I mean you do not need to use 30 hashtags on instagram post that would make the post spammy. Just choose 10 hashtags for one post and make it post specific. Your hashtags must be related to your post that will help you to reach the audience that you want to follows you.

Post Videos –

The engagement of video posts are 50% more than the photo posts. You can explain your products  on videos. If its your personal account, then try to make it more interesting. You can use other features in video like stickers etc.

Comment on Others Posts-

This is more basic but its effective. You can comment on other peoples post. There are chances some of the peoples who sees the comment could follow you. But do not just comment one ot two words like “nice pic” or just emojies. Make the comment interesting and relatable. So that it would look like that you are a real person , not a bot.

Follow Others –

This strategy always works. Most of the peoples follows the peoples who follows them. Out of 20 peoples you follow , you can get 5 follow backs. But do not get excited with this. You should only follows 10 peoples per hour to avoid any ban. Most peoples follows 50 peoples per hour but you need to be on the safer side. So , my advice is to follow 10 accounts per hour. If you do this 5 times a day , you can easily get 25 followers in a day.

Be Patient –

This is not a instagram trick but this works everwhere. Do not be like to get 1000 followers a day . It quite not possible in the starting but once you get some decent followers then your account will expotentially grow without even following a single people on instagram. But it will take some time. So be patient and work on growing your instagram account slowly .

These were some basic trick and strategies by which you can get more followers on instagram. If you have any question then you can comment. Smile

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