How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram ?

How do peoples earn through instagram – If you are on instagram and you are not earning from it then you are missing out . Like others , you can also make money from instagram . In this post I will tell you How do Peoples make money through instagram just doing a few minutes work.

How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram ?

How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram ?

Before starting I want to tell you about sponsored post which is the most popular way to make money on instagram. Here is what a sponsored posts are and what are influencers .

Sponsored Posts – They become influencers on instagram and publish sponsored posts . If you do not know about influencers or sponsored posts then I am telling in brief .

Influencers- Influencers are the peoples who has large fan following and they advertise the products and get money .

Lets start to know the ways to make money on instagram

Top Ways to Make Money on Instagram –

Sponsored Posts –

Advertising companies asks influencers to post about their products. The posts are called sponsored posts because they get paid for it. You need to create a photo and add description about their product.

Most of the celebrities became influencers on instagram and making lot of money . You must be thinking how much money they make per post. Now, this will blow your mind.  Its around $100000 per post. Making a post on instagram does not take much time.

Affiliate Marketing –

Affiliate marketing does not require you to invest any money. Just sign up with some affiliate program and promote it on instagram. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product then you will get some commission. But remember, you cannot post direct links on instagram .

You can post your affiliate link in your profile bio and ask peoples to go to the bio if they want to buy a product. You can only promote one product at a time as instagram allows only one link in profile bio. If you want to add more affiliate links then you can use sites like Linktree Which allows you to add more links in one page.

But you should create your instagram account around the topic that is related to the product which you are promoting.

Sell their own Products –

If you make your own products or have a manufacturing stuff then instagram is the best place to sell your own products.


Lot of peoples use dropshipping and make tons of money. It need an investment so you must have some money to start this business.

Consultation / online Teaching-

This is also good way to make money. You do not need any money to start making money on instagram. Peoples who are expert in some field provide advices and make money on instagram . The most popular fields are education , cooking , health , yoga and meditation etc.

If you are an expert in any field then you can also make money on instagram .

Providing various services –

People provide services like website development , article writing , seo services , designing , weight loss training , personal development coaching , business consulting etc. on instagram and make money . If you know something great then you can provide service and make money on instagram easily.

There are many other ways by which you can make money on instagram. I have listed few of them If you know any other way then just tell by doing a comment.


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