How much will brands pay me for Sponsored Posts ?

If you are looking to make money on instagram by using sponsored posts then you must be thinking about the money that a brand pays you for single sponsored post.

Sponsored posts are often called as sponsored marketing is a way to make money where you are paid to post sponsored posts. This may be a affiliate link / service or any product.

If you do not know about sponsored posts then here it is – Sponsored Posts Are the posts that you post on instagram and get paid for it. There are lot of companies that offer you money to publish a post about their product or services.


How much will brands pay me for Sponsored Posts ?

How much will brands pay me for Sponsored Posts ?

You might have seen peoples posting about various products or services . Most of the celebrities does it by wearing a brand product like watch , clothes , accessories etc. They do sponsored posts and make lot of money from brands.

The sponsored posts can be a custom post or repost. The custom posts requires some creativity and gets higher engagement rates. Also , it helps you to build your own brand.

The money that brand pays for sponsored posts depends on the influencer level and number of followers. If you are very popular then you can charge any amount of money. Most of the celebs get $100000 per sponsored posts.

Thats lot of money but remember they are celebs and have large number of followers.

But how much you can get ?

If you have around 10 k followers then you can easily get a sponsored post of $50 to $ 100. Most of the Fashion and beauty bloggers get good amount of money for posting sponsored content.

The platforms like  The mobile Media Lab  ( ) provides the opportunities for influencers to get the advertisers .

There is no limitation of earning money through instagram with brand deals. You can get decent amount of money if you have the required number of followers a brand needs for sponsored posts.

There are lot of platforms that offers sponsored posts . But first you need to create an instagram profile that provide some value . Finding a niche for a page, creating a cohesive aesthetic , using hashtags and geotags, posting regularly and consistently and building a community is required to make money through sponsored posts.

How Many Followers are Needed to Get Sponsored Posts ?

It does not matter how many followers do you have. The only thing you should focus on is engagement. f you have 1000 followers and have good engagement rate then you can approach peoples for sponsored posts.

If you have 1 lac followers but your engagement rate is very less then there would not be any benefits for advertisers. Because advertisers need targeted audience and if you have an audience in specific niche then you can make money with sponsored posts.

So, you need to know what topic is perfect for your instagram page and then create content about it. Once you have enough followers and engagement then you can reach out advertisers for sponsored posts.

You need to have targeted followers on your page to make money from it. Check other pages to more ideas of it.

If you have any question or suggestion then comment. Smile


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