How to Do Hashtag Research for Instagram ?

If you are doing instagram marketing or want your posts to be seen by lot of peoples on instagram then you should include hashtags in your post. But you should take some time to decide what hashtags you need to use to get maximum exposure.

The hashtags can be any word or phrase but it must be meaningful. Keep it relevant to your post content so that your post can be easily discoverable. To find the hashtags that are popular and trending, you can use various methods.

How to Do Hashtag Research for Instagram ?

How to Do Hashtag Research for Instagram ?

You need to conduct hashtag research to find the hashtags that gives maximum post reach and engagement. The hashtag research will help you to discover high performing and popular hashtags. It will also give you ideas of the hashtags that never came to your mind.

You can use hashtag research strategies to find the hashtags that will help you grow your business or instagram account. Always use few meaningful hashtags and do not go for all the 30 hashtags that instagram gives space for.

There are various strategies which you can use to find trending and popular topics and make hashtags from those topics. Lets see what are the strategies to find instagram hashtags-


If you want to find what is trending right now, then you should scope out twitter as it is the place where you can find the trending topics. Twitter is the great source to find the relevant topics which are trending right now.

You can check the trending topics section on twitter to see what peoples are posting and sharing.

Please note that twitter and instagram are bit different. Twitter is more focused on news and current affairs. So, if you can make something creative out of twitter trending hashtags then it can help you in your instagram .

Do not use those twitter trending hashtags just to get more reach on instagram . You need to do research for the hashtags keeping what business you are into and what type of instagram page do you have. Make a list of hashtags that are relevant to your instagram page and then do more research for hashtags.

Check Out Your Competitors

You can see the hashtag strategy that your competitors are using. That can give you an idea of the the hashtags that are working. You can use those hashtags to make your hashtag list for the post content.

See the Influencers

You can follow the influencers to see what type of content they are posting. Why influencers ? Its because they have a follower base and people look for them to get some advice , idea , inspiration etc. If you check them , you will find that they are using the hashtag strategy very seriously. You can check their content and find some amazing hashtags from their post content.

Hashtag Research Tools

There are lot of hashtag research tools which could help you find the trending and popular hashtags for your posts. With these tools , you can find the evergreen hashtags that will benefit you in your business.

These tools will help you explore the hashtags and provide data of a specific hashtag over the time.

Here are some of the Hashtag Research Tools –




Now, you have an idea about hashtag research and you know how it should be used.You can find the trending and popular hashtags for your instagram post by using the research strategy.

If you have any question then you can use the comment.




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