How to use Hashtag Effectively and Become Instagram Hashtag Pro ?

In my earlier posts, I have mentioned the benefits of using hashtags in instagram posts. You should use hashtag in every instagram post . In this post I will tell you how to use the hashtags more effectively so that you can reach more audience and increase the engagement rate of your instagram post.

It does not matter if you are just starting out with instagram or already using it . I am telling few ideas that will help you get most out of the hashtags. By using these ideas you can use instagram hashtag like a professional.

How to use Hashtag Effectively and Become Instagram Hashtag Pro ?

How to use Hashtag Effectively and Become Instagram Hashtag Pro ?

Hashtag Research –

Whenever you post on instagram , do not use hashtags randomly or do not copy from others. You should choose the hashtags by researching .The use of hashtag does not mean adding a # symbol in front of words. Your hashtags must be meaningful and made for some specific topic.

So , how to research hashtags for instagram ?

You can use hashtag generator tools like All Hashtag .

These tools will generate the relevant hashtags and give you the idea what hashtags are popular .

You can also search in instagram . Use the search box in instagram and type some words. See the autofills. It tells the most popular hashtags on instagram.

You can also spy on your competitors and see what hashtags they are using. You can also check your followers what they are following. This gives you an idea what you should do and what hashtags you should include in your posts.

You can get inspiration from other accounts to see what is trending.

You need to make a list of hashtags that you want to use in a post . Do not use all the popular hashtags in a single post, that will end up getting no engagement. Try to add some most popular , some moderate and some less popular hashtags in your posts.

Do not Use All the 30 Hashtags

Instagram allows the users to add 30 hashtags in a post but you should not be using all of them. This would make your post look like a spammy post. So, how many hashtags should I use in a post. In the research by TrackMaven , they found that optimal number of hashtags is 11 per post .

But you should spent some time on checking your posts, how many hashtags gets the best response. Then you can decide on going with the number of hashtags you should use in a post.

Get Some Inspiration from Your Competitors

You need to spy on your competitors and there is nothing wrong in spying your competitors. You can replicate their hashtag strategy in your posts and see if it works for you. Add some trending hashtags in your posts that your competitors are using .

You can use your competitors brand hashtags in your posts. That will be beneficial and you can get more audience. For example, If you are into mobile business the you can use #iphone #samsung in your posts. This will give you extra points when it comes to views of the posts.

Use Hashtags Consistently

What does it means ? As I have already mentioned that you should be using hashtags in every posts. You need to create some sets of hashtags that you should add in the post. Do not use the most popular hashtags all the time.

You should not be using same hashtags over and over again. Make some sets of hashtags and use them with a plan. You can use the same set of hashtags multiple time if it is relevant to the posts. There is nothing wrong if you use same set more than once or ten times.

But I would recommend using few new hashtags in a set. For example if you are using 15 hashtags in a post ( I recommend 10 to use ) then use 10 hashtags from the set and add 5 new hashtags to it. That will make a new hashtag set and you can reach some more audience.

The relevancy of hashtags are critical . You do not want the peoples to see your page as spam. Make sure , whenever someone search for a hashtag it should gets a relevant content. So use the relevant hashtags everytime you post .


Who does not love free stuff ? You can provide giveaways by creating contest. You can provide free books, designs etc. Creating a contest is easy , just ask peoples to tag their friends and that is it. You can reach more peoples by doing this giveaways . Most of the brands do regular giveaways to get more followers.

Use Hashtags to Connect With Peoples

You can use hashtags to connect with peoples. You need to keep an eye on trending topics and then make a relevant posts about that trending topic. Post it by using those trending hashtags and you will see more engagement.

Use Mentions to connect With Peoples

You can mention Peoples in the comment or post captions. This way, you can reach them and get a conversation. When you mention them in a post, there is a chance that they will follow you and mention you in their posts as well.

Tag Peoples in Posts –

You can tag peoples in posts or photos. Its very effective and it can grow your brand easily. You can ask peoples to tag you in their posts and you can also do the same. Its like shouts for shouts. By doing this, both can get noticed by the followers.

Create your own Hashtag

If you are a brand or business , then you can create your own hashtag so that people add it in their posts. This will increase the brand awareness and increase the engagement rate. You should use only one hashtag for your brand to keep the things consistent. using multiple hashtag for a single brand might confuse your audience and you would not get the most out of it.

These were some ideas to use the hashtags effectively and become instagram hashtag pro .Use these ideas to increase your business .

Do you know more ideas or have some query then use the comment.


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