What is a Hashtag in Instagram ?

If you are using instagram then you must have heard about hashtag. Peoples on instagram uses hashtags in posts description to tell about the post. Hashtags are also vital in getting reach and engagement. By using the right hashtag , you can get your post to millions of peoples . It does not matter if they follow you or not. Hashtag could be any word or phrase with # in the starting of it.

The Hashtag (#) orĀ  a pound symbol is used in various ways before 2007 but it gets in a special place to highlight keywords on social networks when a product designer from silicon valley added it to twitter in 2007 . The product designer Chris Messina founded the social media hashtag and now it is widely used on various social networks.

What is a Hashtag in Instagram ?

What is a Hashtag in Instagram ?

Who Founded Hashtag ?

Chris Messina founded Hashtag .

How Chris Got the idea to use Hashtag ?

Chris Messina got the idea from the internet chatrooms that has pound symbol in front of them. Then he decided to add it to the twitter . The twitter owners were not convinced with this idea of adding hashtag at that time .

They had no belief in adding hashtag but it works and people started adding hashtags with words. And this idea get lot of positive reviews and the response was over-whelming.

It was not easy to convince people to use hashtags but chris messina was persistent and always asks his contacts to use hashtags in their tweets. In 2009 , twitter added a feature of hashtag that allows peoples to search by using hashtags .

Do I need to Add Hashtag in Every Instagram post ?

In short , Yes . You need to add hashtag in every instagram post. Why ? its because the posts with hashtags gets 12% increase in engagement as compared to those posts without hashtags in it.

One more reason of using hashtags is that it organizes the content. For example, if you are posting about weight loss then you should use #weightloss or other hashtags related to it. This helps the users to find the weight loss content just by searching a hashtag like #weightloss.

If you do not use #weightloss then it would be very difficult for the users to find your weight loss post. Thatswhy, you should add hashtag in every post.

Hashtags helps to categorize the similar content so that it could be more discoverable and it also increases the engagement rate of the instagram post.

Other Benefits of Using Hashtags Are –

  • It gets your content to the Audience who does not follow you.
  • It gets more peoples to see your content.
  • It raises the awareness about your brand
  • It targets specific group of peoples who are interested in the topic.
  • It boosts SEO of the post.

There are lot other benefits of using hashtags. if you know any of the benefit of using it then please tell us by using a comment.

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